About Us

Hello and thank you for visiting our site. My name is Jackie and I am the Creator of Seedling Interiors. My husband is also a part of the business and contributes to the construction of some of our products. He is also responsible for some of the awesome photography you will see through-out the site. I have a daughter Charli born in 2015. We live in sunny Brisbane and make our products from our home workshop. I have an Interior Design degree and have worked within many facets of design. In particular, I have always been drawn to residential design and this is where I feel most passionate.

Whilst on maternity leave I needed to keep my creativity alive.  I had an urge to find an outlet for the streams of creative energy that surged from my pores. I was drawn to creating for my daughter’s room, and customizing her play area.  I wanted to inspire her and give her items that were hand crafted with care, love and detail. Unique items with a story to tell instead of mass produced commercialized items that would be thrown away as easily as they were purchased.   

Soon I was asked to create for family, and then friends and then friends of friends and family friends and suddenly I was taking orders from people I hadn’t met and didn’t know.  It was from here that Seedling Interiors was born.  It may not have been called that back then, but it grew from a tiny seed to something that has now taken on life of its own. 

Seedling Interiors is a concept that stems from, life. I link children's growth and development to that of timber and its roots. Timber begins as a seed, developing into a seedling and lays its roots which then develops and grows into a beautiful tree. Children also start from a seed, develop into a seedling, and this is where their growth and development blossoms from their environment around them. What they see every day; what they touch and feel; how they play and develop their souls. We are all about encouraging a child to be surrounded by beauty, have different textures to explore and imagine a world that has no limitations. 

I love the idea of incorporating timber with textures and colours. I am inspired by Scandinavian design with our own strong Scandinavian roots. This is where not only our timber products are inspired by but also the design service that we will soon be offering. Scandinavian design is more than just design.  It is about a lifestyle that emerges from nature, existence and the spaces between nature and existence.  And magic happens when that inspiration merges with different styles and themes.       

- From little things we grow -

Some of you may remember us as xox creations, we have rebranded to offer a professional design service as well as handmade products to be enjoyed.